The Lorax



The Lorax is an environmentally friendly film created by Dr.Seuss. It provides a very colorful and entertaining setting to allow kids to become much easily attracted to it. The three main characters are the Lorax , the once-ler, and Ted all three main characters being male figures. By having the three main characters as male figures already gives children an idea of who is in charge when it comes to the real world. Some female figures do appear and those being Audrey, Grammy Norma, and Ted’s mom. These three characters have the roles of a girlfriend, a mother, and a grandmother; the stereotypical roles that a woman goes throughout her lifetime.

            By this introduction Dr.Seuss is already providing genders with roles they must assume. The Lorax being the informed guy who cares about the future of the earth, the once-ler who besides being the narrator of the story is also the industrialist villain, and finally Ted a 12 year old boy who is eager to find a real tree to impress Audrey. Audrey is the local environmentalist , but at the end of the day the one who sets out to find the tree is Ted , overall highlighting male dominance in the film. The film lacks a strong female lead, all the women who are portrayed have been accompanied with very stereotypical ways of acting. For example the mother really embodies the stereotype of the overbearing mother, one who is too over protective of her son never allowing him to do anything.

            Audrey originally proposes the idea of ever wanting to see a real tree, here is when Ted decides to venture off. She however is never placed in a position where she could also venture off as a heroine to find the plant. It is very similar to Disney princess movies where the prince has to fight off everything that gets on his way to rescue or bring a reward to the princess. As he goes on this journey to find this very wanted plant he is also proving his masculinity to her in hopes to gain her love. The grandmother on the other hand is able to get some sort of action as she helps get the plant from the “bad guys”. Take into consideration that the term ‘bad guys’ constantly gets used in the film overall highlighting that all the characters that play as villains are all male.

            Ted’s mother is set to portray the stereotypical form and ways of motherhood. Never in the film is there a father figure present ,but the mother’s actions are shown as highly overprotective and overbearing of her child. By not having a father figure the idea of fatherhood is presented as something that males simply do not do , leaving all the responsibility up to the mother. Although this is a good movie for children to watch because it teaches them to be environmentally friendly and to take care of our earth, it over exaggerates gender stereotypes and gender roles. By doing this it immediately lacks a large amount of female lead characters to play important roles that are crucial for children to create a more gender equalized world.




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