Recognize these posters from around campus?? Welcome to our blog! 

size poster 1sexiness poster 1

For our project in Sex, Gender and Society Karen, Emma, Patrick and I did a content analysis of various popular films. Our goal was to analyze how each film depicts the female body and draw connections between each of the four categories that rate a films appropriateness. We examined four films from each MPAA category (G, PG, PG-13 and R) and those films were chosen from the top twenty grossing films in each rating category. The result of our analysis may surprise you, or it may confirm your suspicions about how women are depicted in popular culture. What we wanted to draw out from our study are the glaring similarities in the way that the female body is used and gendered across the rating system. Regardless of the audience age, viewers are getting a standard message about the role of women.

Please explore the films that we watched and feel free to comment on anything that peaks your interest!!

Thanks,  Brittany



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