This blog will provide a space for us to share our findings about gender representation throughout popular movies and across all genres of movies. Our focus is on the bodily representations of women across G, PG, PG-13 and R rated films. Each student (Emma, Karen, Patrick and Brittany) will view a singular film within each of these rating categories and, using content analysis, examine our findings in a reflective blog entry. As stated, our focus is on the representation of women, however within our society of gender binaries, much of our analysis will also include observations of male bodies in comparison to our central focus of women. The content analysis of each film is based on the following coding schema:

  • feminine touch
  • relative size of women to men
  • function ranking (i.e. freedom of movement)
  • ritualization of subordination (i.e. posture/body language)
  • women using weapons/violence to create sex appeal
  • exposed breasts
  • shots focused specifically on a woman’s breasts or butt
  • femininity/sexiness in clothing (dresses vs. pants especially animated, cleavage, tight clothing)
  • hair styles (long vs. short, up vs. down, “done” vs. “natural”)

The following table of stereotyped gender roles will, be used to support our findings and interpretations of elements found within the films: 

gender qualities



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